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Crawl Space Foundation Repair

Claycor has repaired hundreds of crawl spaces throughout
the lowcountry, from moisture damage to termite damage.
We have successfully jacked and leveled heavy, three-story
houses in Charleston and replaced thousands of feet of sill
and floor joists.

Whether your house is suffering from termite damage,
foundation settling, or moisture damage, Claycor can repair
your structure and install dehumidifiers to prevent floor
settling and further damage.

Warning Signs

HJ3 Composite Systems is the finest repair option available on the market today. It offers:

Walls & Parapets: HJ3 Composite Systems can be used to strengthen existing concrete and masonry walls that lack the necessary flexural strength, shear strength and ductility to withstand seismic forces caused by an earthquake. The materials can also be used to repair walls weakened by the corrosion of existing steel reinforcement.

Columns: In addition to steel tanks, HJ3 Composite Systems can be wrapped around the perimeter of a damaged concrete column to return the column to its original strength. The carbon or glass fabric can also be wrapped around the column to allow the column to resist seismic or blast forces.

Beams: HJ3 Composite Systems can be used to strengthen existing concrete beams and slabs as well as steel beams. Once saturated the carbon fabric or pre-cured carbon laminates are bonded to the concrete or steel substrate. HJ3 Composite Systems replace the use of steel strengthening systems that require bolting or welding creating significant cost savings and safety benefits.